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Discs Glass Lampwork Bead Set-Lampwork Beads Set
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Learn How Lampwork Beads are Made
To create exclusive glass Beads, lampworker melt narrow rods of glass with the flame of a torch.

Jewelr Lampwork supplies-handmade lampwork bewads

There are quite a 2-3 major manufacturer’s producing glass rods specifically for lampworking. It is very important that the glass used in a bead is of the same coe - coefficient of expansion. This means the glass must be compatible with one another so that they expand and contract at the same rate, if not, cracking will occur. In many cases Two glasses from different manufacturers or even the same manufacturer may not be compatible. My lampwork techniques are a little different in that I prefer to use compatible sheet glass which I cut into strips. This source allows me to work with a wider colour palette.

There are a lot of people who love the gloss and matte look of handmade lampwork beads. Sometimes people don't ask to have them etched, but realize when the beads arrive, that they'd like the aged, worn out matte look on them. Some vendors give customers the options of sending the beads back and having them etched for free, but most people do it themselves.

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